The burning issues of the employees in every sector need urgent resolution. If not resolved properly at the right time, conflict may arise and the escalation of the conflict between employer and employ will lead to stagnation of growth resulting in the deterioration of the field. The employees are the  fabric of the firms and they are the bees collecting the honey. So they should be approached gently and treated decently.


The employees who are working in private sectors like Bank, NBFC’s, Broking firms in Kerala are facing mental torture, lack of good salary, the threat of losing of job are being noticed. The  management of these sectors are keeping a hostile attitude towards the employees. Basic rights of the employees are denied by the managements and the employees have to bear a lot of hardships.


The current situation is that, if the employees are being fired from their job if they complaint their problems to the concerned managers. So employees of these sectors and those employees  working under ‘Blade mafia’ managements should be protected with unity. By taking this into  consideration, for the protection of employees in Banks, NBFC’s & Broking firmsand other similar private institutions, a meeting, hosted by Prof.Dr. Ajis Ben Mathews was convened and resolved to  form an organisation. The meeting lead to the formation of KERALA PRIVATE SECTOR BANK AND  INSURANCE EMPLOYEES CONGRESS (KPBIEC) on 5.10.2013.


As a result of the meeting, State Executive committee elected Prof. Dr Ajis Ben Mathew as State  President, Ratheesh Kumar S as State General Secretary and Biju Kumar K as State Treasurer.  




• Wages of Private Sector employees should be according to the Government norms, if not it should be implemented.

• Unity and brotherhood among employees should be brought.

• Problems faced by the employees from the management should be cleared by arranging meeting / legal actions.

• Ensure that they enjoy the provisions provided by the Government.

• Ensure mental satisfaction for employees.

• Ensure working time (8 hours).

• Ensure whether the employee’s salary is paid on time.

• Ensure agent’s work time flexibility.

• Ensure whether employees get their PF‘s final settlement on time.

• Strict action should be taken against firing employees.

• Fulfil social responsibility.

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