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Dear friends,

Banking and other financial institutions make maximum gain through the young employees. In many cases the youth are being exploited for the benefits of the managements. It is high time to raise voice against this exploitation and denial of natural justice in the work field. Harassments and insults cannot be tolerated any more. Time is ripe to point your fingure against injustice and raise your voice for legitimate rights. Don’t hesitate to question because we are with you. An organisation which has the back up of Indian National Congress which bears the legacy of beating the mighty British and leading the nation for the past 5 decades. The new organisation for the employees in private sector banks and financial firms, is headed by personalities who have proved their mettle in organisational, political and social issues in the past. Come up and join hands to create a new sunrise in your work field. Together we will make revolutionary change for a better tomorrow.

The burning issues of the employees in every sector need urgent resolution. If not resolved properly at the right time, conflict may arise and the escalation of the conflict between employer and employ will lead to stagnation of growth resulting in the deterioration of the field.